QRZ.COM Bookmarklet


Probably everybody of us search sometime callsign on qrz.com. For me it is: 1. select callsign, 2. copy to clipboard, 3. open new panel, 4. open qrz.com page and 5. paste callsign to search box and 6. search for it. Quite many steps, especially if you repeat it more than once..

I got idea and adapted another bookmarklet to QRZ.com site and make searching easier. What is bookmarklet? It is piece of javascript code stored in bookmark, which you execute by click on bookmark in your browser. I have them usually on toolbar panel, where are quickly accessible.

Callsign search perform then in this sequence. 1. Select callsign in your browser and 2. click on bookmarklet which you have stored into your browser before. It will automatically launch page with requested callsign data in new panel/window.

QRZ? ← This is bookmarklet link

Install instructions:

  • Click right button on bookmarklet link and raise context menu
  • Save it to your bookmarks
  • You can be warn of suspicious content

Enjoy simplicity..