Hamradio operators on Twitter

There is wide hamradio community on Twitter. Unfortunately, if somebody use his/her hamradio callsign does not mean automatically hamradio content. That inspired me to develop some Twitter tools and first task was assign callsign to twitter accounts' screen_name. Here is list of several amateur radio operators who have WWW link in their profile and which I am connected with them somehow.

UPDATE: After several requests, I have made update of the list. Please note, this list has not ambition to be complete/full hamradio operators list. It is based on data which I gathered meanwhile developing more complex twitter tools and share with others now. Anyway, all hams on that list were active during past couple weeks. Hams without filled website are most bottom part of this blog post.

Twitter #hamradio users

2e0dby 2e0ftx 2e0grr 2e0ikm 2e0pfg 2e0rts 2e0sja 2e0tru 2e0wqk 2e0xll 2e0yqc 2e0zrq 2e1fov 2e1gua 2m0jmn 5b4ahj 6v7t 7x5rs 9w2fll 9w2rfn 9w6dld a61bs a61nn a65br aa3b aa5pk aa7rx ab8tn ac0ra ac2gj ad5lu ae4xo ae5cp ae5dw ae7kj ae7kj ae7mr af6gl ai6as ai6o aj4dg aj4uq aj5c ak2b ak4vl ak6l alpha-tentec amateur radio amateur radio ecomms bsars ca2udy ca3lmo ca7twy ce1tuw ce3epn ce3wyz cf3navy cr3a ct1exr ct1gzb ct2goy darc ov wonnegau db3tk dc4dd dd7dka df2ok df4or dg2ron dg3ed dg4am dg8pd dk1fo dl1hbt dl1thm dl2nd dl5fjw dl5vz dm2pf dm7ds do4dog do4hmk do5dos do9jw do9kai e73cq ea1ar ea1ei ea1gfp ea1hk ea1wg ea2ayd ea2cw ea2dop ea3far ea3frn ea3nn ea3xp ea4gkq ea4glj ea4gmz ea4goq ea4tx ea4uc ea5bug ea5gsd ea5gti ea5gvz ea5gx ea5hrt ea5hzz ea5ify ea5nz ea5sw ea5wa ea7aae ea7akk ea7iqm ea7ish ea7jr ea7kw ea8cqw ea8fo ea8rm eb1fvq eb3epr eb5av ec1kr ec4tr ec7ma ei3grb ei3hqb ei8kd es4rm f0ecm f1cbc f1rhk f1ujs f4brj f4eca f4ffl f4fvi f4gxg f4hfq f4hgi f4kiv f5hry f6flu f6fvy f6gwe f8crh f8fiv fy1fv g0bhx g0cuq g0ehv g0gri g0igu g0iue g0mba g0pot g0pvw g0rks g0tlu g0uws g0vax g0vjg g0wat g1jpv g1lkj g1lsb g1vdp g3jkl g3xhb g3zjo g4iwo g4klx g4lia g4obc g4pop g4prj g4pti g4sgi g4tjj g4tny g7bxu g7jyd g7kse g7srk g7sse g7vkq g7way g8ebm g8knn g8prn g8vhi g8wwd gi0jhr gm0urd gm0wdd gm8lfb gw0ryt gw4ozu gw6pvk hb3yne hb9cat hc5f hc5pi hi3lcg hiram parody maxim hk3jjb hk3w hk4fz hp1ger hp5gba i4oqa ik0ozd in3dns interestingham iota & dx alert ir0up iu3bro iu8bcf iw3riv iw3src iz0uim iz1nfg iz1ppx iz2esv iz2qgh iz3wuw iz3zlg iz5dkj iz5moq iz5pqt iz5xrc iz8fdh iz8txx ja1gzk je1oot je1xca je6mhk je6ncg jf1ibz jf3gfh jg3ihe jh2nwv jh3xcu jh8rzj jl1agh jm3lgf jo4efc jp3brx jr0amd jr1ujx k0ckw k0csl k0jeg k0laf k1ahb k1csa k1ddn k1prd k2jlx k2ki k2mik k2yr k3dy k3hw k3lu k4amq k4emb k4gsg k4lja k5clc k5clm k5jef k5kac k5ric k5ttt k5vgu k5xk k6kwi k6per k6vva k7jgb k7jsg k7ske k7tye k7yfp k8cxm k8eaf k9bz k9wx ka1wvm kb0vxn kb1bzf kb1h kb1lqd kb1pvh kb1rma kb1tjm kb5fla kb5hxt kb6qvi kb9vzu kb9ylw kc0bhj kc0ryz kc1bbc kc1ccr kc2tpy kc2wxp kc2yti kc6kge kc7rvr kc8egv kc8yld kc9lvt kc9ttr kc9znv kd0fzt kd0qyr kd0unv kd0yfh kd2gtm kd4ebl kd4tvb kd5fln kd5hqn kd7dmp kd7zd kd8atf kd8cao kd8ham kd8hwg kd8pne kd8pqu kd8srf kd8vmg ke0bfl ke4ied ke5gfy ke5hjh ke5ufy ke6ex ke6jgj ke7tdy ke8qw kf0en kf4ixa kf5gbl kf5tex kf7cso kf7etx kf7tgs kg4ozk kg5cnk kg5cuo kg5cwj kg6fiy kg7lzb kg8oc ki4idb ki4mic ki6moe ki7n ki8r kj0dy kj0jk kj4oft kj6akq kk0hf kk4eir kk4htq kk4ioi kk4lrr kk4pwe kk4tew kk5wa kk6nzt km4diu km5od kp3rk kp4radio kr4ro kv4yx la2rl la3jj la4jga LA8AW la8waa lb2eg lldxt lu2ip lu4hk m0bob m0dnp m0glj m0jgh m0jzh m0kau m0kca m0kcp m0mff m0mjh m0npt m0ntc m0oab m0ogg m0osa m0pnn m0rbd m0rfc m0rnr m0spf m0sto m0taz m0tfy m0tls m0tpx m0way m0wbk m0wdg m0ybc m0ynk m0zai m0zav m0zde m0zfx m3hxe m5aka m6cif m6enn m6nga m6rug m6sig m6uhu md0man mi0vax mm0gor mm0thl mm3dds mm6ewy mm6psx mu0fal mw0ian mw0pob mw0uaa mw6zol n0mti n0zoj n1aia n1cai n1ep n1fiy n1mie n1ork n1peb n1wko n2adv n2nkw n3fne n3kn n4jn n4mdb n4tlo n5jhh n6ed n6gvg n6lpo n6ml n6rls n7uwx n8aho n8hm n8wc n8xjn n9gun n9ol na8y ne1r nf2g ng7o ni4et no8r np3xf nq9g nq9l nr4cb nw5ar od5zz oe1rfc oh1eez oh6na oh8bqt ok1np ok6wp ok7km on2td on3yh on4cdj on8gdv on9cfg oz1eta oz1lqo oz5to oz6bam pa1eng pa2bta pa3ark pa3dmi pa3fqa pa7rg pd0rxp pd1ans pd2dm pd2jpd pd2mht pd2wr pd3r pd4kdz pd5bam pe1dab pe1dst pe1hb pe1his pe1mtt ph2a ph9gfb pi4frg pu5akm pu5cbj pu8ypl q17 r2dbr r3uaa r4hbm ra1amw rn3ara rw4cg rx3aex rx3dbg ry6m s55oo s55x sa7aku sa7cdu sm0oek sm0rvv sm0shg sp5it sq9die sv1eli ta7aof tg9amd tx factor ua1tdz ua3lia ur4ukx ur5mid va3cmd va3gx va3jff va3sbd va3sii va3ug va3xft va7dpf va7go ve1xop ve2nmb ve2so ve3eal ve3vcf ve3xti ve4gwn ve6ao ve6cid ve6stp vk5fj vk6wx vo1bq vp2vgg vu2cbu vu3isp w0bdr w0ld w0raa w0uhu w1cro w1wra w1zu w2ccr w2cz w2mdw w3jar w4hax w4jcm w4nrm w4sl w4tzm w5cgc w5iem w5mrm w5qdf w5rst w6chz w6cm w6fu w6rwc w7bo w7gmc w7rdp w7tao w7zww w8ln w9mhz w9we wa1gov wa7znb waedc-team wb1dx wb2tqe wb3cai wb4es wb9vgo wd1s wd5jlr wd8agh wd9hdm wj2l wm0l wm4de wm4p wm6h wo1n wp3c wr1u wx5tex xe1azm xe1nk xe2myb xe2tq yd3kum yf4idx yt2cq yu1is yu7ax yv4nn yv5amc yv5lfx yv5vp zl1aq zs6rn zs6y