#WATwitter Dashboard


  • Track successful #WATwitter contacts

Current app status:

  • Once per hour: I check @twQSO followers and re-follow back
  • Once per 6 minutes: I scan for new mentions, store them locally and upload as html.
  • After party, I will use collected data as sample for parser and I will make final contacts overview from #WATwitter QSO party 2012

Tweets Examples:

  • Use @mention of your partner / band / mode – place freely in tweet
  • thanks @Stefano_NVR for rtty @twQSO on 40m #WATwitter #hamr
  • @twqso @stefano_nvr 40m cw kd2bgm
  • Mode keywords: CW, SSB (default), LSB, USB, Phone, AM, RTTY, PSKxx, QPSKxx, BPSKxx, , JT65