JARTS RTTY Contest 2008


Dad and I participated together also in JART RTTY contest. It was great weekend. This contest was little bit different than CQ WW week ago for us. After while we worked many of stations on the band and callsign often highlighted in red colour – it mean station is in our log.

We changed by radio quite often, because of lack of new stations calling cq. When I was not by radio, I completed frequency counter which I ordered in summer.

Unfortunatelly there were not so much DXes, only 6 QSOs with JA and only with big guns like JS3CTQ or JA6ZPR. Very nice was contact with YB0ZDA on 40M with our multiband vertical antenna.

Intresting was to trace exchange codes – in this contest it is age of operators. We often saw ages over 45 years, as we operated almost in S&P it shows something.
These numbers were so intresting to me that I played with OO and made little summary from our logbook:

The youngest operator: 17 years
The oldest operator: 83 years
Avarage age exclude YL(00) and Multi(99): 53,3 years

After 2 days of contesting statistic in Writelog showed:

  QSO Pts Dx Ca
80M 0 0 0 0
40M 120 256 34 5
20M 227 550 44 19
15M 53 141 24 7
10M 0 0 0 0
Total 400 947 102 31
Score 125951

HF prop info:

  • Solar Flux: 70 | Ap: 4 | Kp 1 (6 nT) at 0000 18 Oct 2008
  • SSN: 0 (10/18/2008)
  • Solar Flux: 69 | Ap: 2 | Kp 1 (6 nT) at 0000 19 Oct 2008
  • SSN: 0 (10/19/2008)
  • Solar Flux: 70 | Ap: 6 | Kp 3 (25 nT) at 2100 19 Oct 2008

We contacted these entities in JART contest:
40m: 4L, 9A, DL, EA, EA8, EI, ER, EU, F, G, GM, GW, HA, I, IS, JA, K, LA, LZ, OH, OM, ON, OZ, PA, SM, SP, SV5, UA, UA9, UN, UR, YB, YL, YO, Z3, ZC4

20m: 4L, 4X, 9M2, 9M6, 9V, CN, DL, EA, EA8, EI, ES, EU, F, G, GI, GM, GW, HS, I, JA, K, LA, LZ, OH, ON, OY, OZ, PA, S5, SM, SP, SV, TA, TF, UA, UA9, UN, UR, V5, VE, VU, YB, YO, YU, Z3, ZC4, ZS

15m: 4L, 4X, 9M2, CE, EA, EA8, F, HS, IS, K, LZ, OH, PY, SM, SV, TA, UA, UA9, UN, VE, YB, YU, YV, Z3, ZC4, ZS

Thanks for qso and fun,
73 de OL2X Zdenek and Tomas