QRP Tuner


I plan participate in QRP contest on lower bands from portable QTH. For this purpose I was considering what type of antenna use and finally I decided build QRP tuner for my 817 will be good idea.

Building itself was team work of my dad and me. We spent some time checking other constructions and get some kind of inspiration. Finally we decide for L-match. Very good source was schematic of C-L-C tuner by 7N3WVM which some parts we used in our construction. Next one was SWR bridge from KD1JV, firstly seen on hamshop.cz. We replaced LED indicator to old fashioned analog meter.

We found still unused plastic case in drawer. It was good option for PCB construction, which we like, cause our mechanical possibilities are limited. However it all looked simple, it took us several weekends. We did not hurry up and worked precisely. It was joy work together and complement each other.

Mini gallery:


Tuner is ready for test drive. Let's hope weather will improve soon and we will be able operate from portable QTH and experiment little bit with wire antennas.



Nice work! I like the PCB

Nice work! I like the PCB front and rear panels. Really nice job!